Webcam“Munich • Berg am Laim • Michaelianger”



The webcam is located in Germany in the east of the city of Munich in the district of Berg am Laim and shows the park “Michaelianger” in real time.

The zoomable map below shows the exact location of the webcam at Rahel-Straus-Weg in the district of Berg am Laim in the east of Munich. The webcam is oriented to the south. If the weather conditions with foehn wind are appropriate, the Bavarian Alps can be seen, including Wendelstein (6030 ft) in the south-east at a distance of 34 miles and Zugspitze (9717 ft) in the south-west at a distance of 57 miles.


The weather widget shows the current weather data for Munich and the forecast for the next few days. The weather radar shows the current cloud and precipitation situation in Munich. The today's sunrise and sunset times for Munich are shown as well.

Sunrise & Sunset

48° 07' 25" N • 11° 38' 11" E
Rahel-Straus-Weg 11 • 81673 Munich
Day length  hours


Weather Radar

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